Question for ya…..have you been feeling like you’re just tired and burnt out?  You’re not really making any headway in the things you really want to do but just getting by?

You’re not alone…

 I’ve been there myself and even recently! Here’s the thing….in order to get over this hump, you have to remember your vision and what it is you want in life. And whatever that is, it can be yours!

Do NOT get discouraged.

Do NOT forget about your dream.

Do NOT let anyone else’s mindset or fear become a set of limitations that you allow to hold you back. 

Here’s what you can do TODAY! 

➡️ Use this as an opportunity to let go of whatever it is that is no longer serving you.  Are you always saying “yes” to everything and everybody.  Maybe it’s time to rethink how you’re spending your time and who is sucking the energy out of you.  This past weekend, I let the texts and phone calls go unless they were urgent.  I limited my time online and just embraced who I was with and what we were doing.  It was quite liberating.

➡️ Take some time to plan healthy meals and exercise as doing so helps you feel better!  I like to take a Sunday afternoon and cook up a whole bunch of healthy things that I can just reheat and eat during the week. 

 ➡️ Make a schedule to declutter and detox if need be.  I know for me that if I’m looking at a house that needs work and has a little clutter it’s overwhelming so I created a daily schedule that I use as a checklist to help me stay on track with housework.  I love that i’m no longer spending all day on Saturday doing everything! 

➡️ Add whatever it is that you want to work on to help you create your dream/ideal life, to your calendar.  I try and do a little bit each day for the projects I’m working on as its so easy to think you’ll have all of this time sometimes to only find out that “life happens” and you no longer had the time you thought you had. Why do all of this? Because you’re worth it! Whatever it is that you want, you can achieve it.

A reminder….

It will take time and you will need to be patient. 

But, with a little time, doing the things I’ve mentioned above, anything is possible. I took some time to create a few tools for you to help you with this.  You can download and print them out for your own use.    

grab these

To do list: https://thegoodlifevibe.com/products/to-do-this-week-list-digital-download

Shopping List: https://thegoodlifevibe.com/products/printable-grocery-shopping-list

Daily Schedule: https://thegoodlifevibe.com/products/know-what-to-do-when-daily-schedule-appointment-template-log-tracker-printable

So, if you’ve been feeling like you’re going through a phase where you’re just over all of the things that life is throwing you, you know know my secrets to get out of that! 


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