Thriving with Ease: A Daily Cleaning Routine for Those Navigating Chronic Illness

Thriving with Ease: A Daily Cleaning Routine for Those Navigating Chronic Illness

Welcome to part 2 of our series on making your home a haven with gentle cleaning practices when you're chronically ill or just have a lot going on and you need an easy routine.

I've put together a sample daily cleaning schedule tailored for folks like us who often have to pick and choose between how many spoons we're going to use for all these tasks.

While looking over this list, please remember, that it's important to be flexible and listen to your body. If certain tasks are too much on a given day, it's okay to skip them or break them into smaller increments.  It's also okay to ask for help!

Morning Routine (10-15 minutes):

Make Your Bed: Start your day by making your bed. It's a simple task that instantly makes your room feel tidier.

Quick Bathroom Wipe Down: Wipe down bathroom surfaces with a gentle cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth.

Empty Trash Bins: Empty trash bins in the bathroom and kitchen.

Kitchen Tidy-Up: Put away any dishes left to dry overnight and wipe down kitchen countertops.

Midday Break (5-10 minutes):

Clutter Control: Spend a few minutes decluttering one area of your home. It could be a coffee table, side table, or any spot that tends to accumulate items.

Hydration Break: Take a break to stay hydrated. It's essential for maintaining energy levels.

Afternoon Routine (10-15 minutes):

Dust Surfaces: Use a microfiber duster to quickly dust surfaces in one or two rooms.

Vacuum or Sweep: Depending on your energy levels, vacuum or sweep high-traffic areas. Focus on one or two rooms each day.

Quick Kitchen Clean-Up: Wipe down kitchen surfaces, do a quick sweep, and check for any dishes to put away.

Evening Relaxation (15-20 minutes):

Dishes and Kitchen Reset: Wash any dishes left from the day, or load the dishwasher. Wipe down kitchen surfaces and reset for the next day.

Final Tidy-Up: Spend a few minutes tidying up the living room or bedroom. Put away items and ensure everything is in its place.

Prepare for Tomorrow: Lay out what you'll need for the next day, such as clothes or any items you'll be taking with you.

Weekly Tasks (Spread Throughout the Week):

Change Bed Linens: Change sheets and pillowcases.  There's just something about laying in clean sheets that makes you feel better!

Deep Clean One Area: Each day, focus on a specific area for a more thorough clean. This could include cleaning a bathroom, dusting all surfaces, or vacuuming more thoroughly.

Check Expiry Dates: Once a week, check the fridge and pantry for expired items.

Remember, the key is to break tasks into manageable chunks and spread them out over the week.  You don't have to do everything at once or all in one day!

Listen to your body, and don't hesitate to modify the schedule based on your energy levels and health on any given day. Consistency over time is more important than tackling everything at once.

Download our Chore Chart and check off the tasks you want to complete each day.

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