How To Have A Joyful Life During Difficult Times

How To Have A Joyful Life During Difficult Times

As I sit and write out this blog post today, I must confess that I'm in the midst of difficult times health wise.  I've been really sick for quite some time now and while I feel like sometimes I'm making progress in getting better, I have a set back and then another one, until something changes and I start to get better to only go back again.  It's just a cycle thats on repeat and it feels like a roller coaster ride with all the ups and downs that I experience.

So how do I have a joyful life while going through difficult times?

Well, let's do this first.

When I look up the word “joy,” Webster’s Dictionary defines it as a feeling of great happiness. 

For many people, the thought of being happy is just a dream but, it doesn’t have to be.  Joy can be found all over.

I've been fortunate enough just over the last few days to witness first hand some of these things...

It’s another person’s smile as we walked pass each other. 

It’s your little pup who fighting falling asleep and looks so darn adorable as he tries to keep those heavy eye lids from closing. 

It’s the first bite of an AMAZING meal that you just made or even better that someone made for you when you felt so ill and didn't have the energy to cook for yourself.

It’s your child telling you that YOUR homemade soup is better than canned soup.

It’s seeing a far away friend’s little one in your facebook newsfeed.

Or, coming across someone you haven't seen in a long time and making plans to get together soon.

All of these are examples of joy.  And they are things that personally have brought me joy over the last few days.

While life is never going to be 100% joyful, we can embrace the little moments we get and allow them to give us the happiness we deserve.

Each day, I jot down all of the things I got to experience in my gratitude journal because I'm thankful that they occurred.  When I'm having difficult times and I'm not able to see people or feel up to doing much, I can go back and revisit all those things that in the past bring me joy.

It helps keep my mind in a good place and reminds that joy is all around us.

So, my friend, what brings you joy?  I’d love to hear back from you.

In this together!!

With Love,



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