Embracing a Positive Day: Simple Strategies for Those with Chronic Illness

Embracing a Positive Day: Simple Strategies for Those with Chronic Illness

Hey there, friend!

I don't know about you but there have been some days that I have felt really defeated because life has really changed over the last few years since I've gotten really sick. UGH!

I knew I had to make some changes because I've always been goal oriented and it was really upsetting to not be able to do all the things that I wanted to do or once could do.  

For a while, I felt like a lot of days were just on repeat with lots of pain, brain fog and not feeling like I had made any progress because I couldn't see the actual progress that I was making.

You can see how that might make someone feel.  Maybe you can relate?

I knew I had to find away to manage those feelings while working on the things that I wanted/needed to do each day so with the help of my therapist, I came up with this practice that I now incorporate daily.

Here's how I'm setting daily goals, looking forward to something each day, and celebrating the wins while living with multiple chronic illnesses.

Each morning I get up and I ask myself these two important questions.

1. What is my goal for today?

2.  What am I looking forward to most for today?

Those answers and my energy levels will dictate what I will do for that day.  I use my planner and journal to see what I already have scheduled (appts, calls, etc), how my mood is, what project I'm working on, etc. and then I write down the answers to my two questions on my tracker.   

The thing that I need to work on/most urgent or appointment is my goal.   It might differ from day to day but it's the most important thing that needs accomplished.

The thing that I do for self care or what I get to do for fun (for example, walking with my dog, Trivia Night with friends, having lunch out with my hubby) go in the looking forward to most today spot on my tracker.  

And then at the end of the day, I answer the final question which is

3. What was my Win for today?

I'll look back over my day and reflect on the one thing (or more) that I can celebrate no matter the size.  It might be something small or it might be big.  Either way, the size doesn't matter as long as I celebrate what good went on and by doing that, it's helped me realize that even in the midst of what feels like defeat that there are good things going on each day. 

And I'll end with this....the key to a positive and productive day lies in the little things we do and the mindset we carry.   So don't be afraid to set some goals, stay positive, and celebrate every victory, no matter how small. 

If you'd like a simple to use and easy tracker, which by the way is the same one I use, be sure to check out this one in our boutique.

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In this together!




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