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The Good Life Vibe

Coffee, Tea & Me Book or Record Preloved Mystery Bundle

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Our Coffee, Tea & Me Book or Record Preloved Mystery Bundle  is perfect for those who enjoy a night in or a rainy afternoon and appreciate the fine things in life like a good book, good music and a delicious mug of coffee, tea or even wine!  Yep, wine fits perfectly in a mug too.

How our program works:

1.  Decide if you want a book or a record.

2. Choose the bundle you'd like and how many you want. (1 = 1 mug and book or record combo,  2 = 2 mugs and book or record combo, 3 = 3 mug and book or record combo)

3.. Your mystery bundle will be packaged and sent off within 5 days of confirmation and payment of your order.

All items will be personally hand selected from thrift stores by our Boutique owner.

Mugs, books and records would be any kind that you would find in a thrift store.  We do our best to find you something unique!

For personal style requests, please email within 24 hours of order placed so that we can do our best to try to style your package just for you!  (For example:  if you don't read sci-fi or you don't like to listen to gospel, let us know.)

While we understand that not everyone will like the pieces they receive, as we all have different tastes, we only accept returns if the item is damaged in some way.  That's why this is a mystery.  You don't know what you're going to get!

Price includes standard shipping.

If you like vintage or preloved items, be sure to check out our ebay store, Pifer's Treasure Chest, where you can find something for everyone!  Please note that when you click the link, you will be taken to ebay.


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